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€35.82 (Kit)

Kit containing 26 CATT cards (10 reactions/card), 1 syringe with needle (2.5 ml), 8 droppers, 3 stirring rods, 300 heparinized capillary tubes and 1 suction bulb. In total, 250 tests can be performed with one kit.


Storage temperature: room temperature


Infection with Trypanosoma brucei gambiense results in production of circulating antibodies against several surface antigens of the parasite. Such antibodies can be demonstrated in the blood, plasma or serum of the infected host by direct agglutination. The CATT-antigen is a freeze dried suspension of purified, fixed and stained bloodstream form trypanosomes expressing a predominant variable antigen type of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense. The test is performed on a plastified card. One drop of undiluted blood (screening test) or 25 µl of diluted plasma/serum (confirmation test) are mixed with one drop of reconstituted antigen. When antibodies are present in the test sample, trypanosomes agglutinate within 5 minutes rotation at 60 rpm.