Product information

€196.33 (Kit)

Kit containing 10 vials DAT/VL antigen (2.5 ml/vial), 2 vials DAT/VL buffer (30 ml/vial), 1 vial positive control (600 µl/vial), 1 vial negative control (600 µl/vial) and 1 vial 2-mercapto-ethanol (1 ml/vial).

In total, 70 sera can be tested with one kit for screening purposes (1:200 – 1:3200).

In total, 30 sera can be tested with one kit for full-scale titration purposes (1:200 – 1:204 800).


Storage temperature: between 2 – 8°C


Infection with L.donovani or L.infantum, agents of visceral leishmaniasis, results in production of circulating antibodies against surface antigens of the parasite. Even before the onset of clinical symptoms, antibodies can be demonstrated in the blood or serum of the infected host by direct agglutination. The DAT/VL-antigen is a freeze dried suspension of trypsin-treated, fixed and stained culture form promastigotes of L.donovani. The test is performed in V-shaped multi-well micro-plates, by mixing 50 µl of antigen with 50 µl of diluted blood (filter paper eluate) or serum. The plate is incubated overnight at ambient temperature. In the presence of antibodies to leishmania, the DAT/VL antigen is agglutinated and forms a pale blue film over the bottom of the well. In the absence of antibodies, the cells settle on the bottom of the V-well as a small dark blue dot. The DAT/VL is intended for use at all levels of health services, from first-line screening of rural communities at risk to local reference laboratories for epidemiological studies including antibody titration.